Axway eInvoicing capabilities


Standards-based, global e-invoicing that's always up to date

B2G e-invoicing is mandatory for public procurement in the EU using the European Norm EN-16931, which is supported by the PEPPOL network. More countries are moving to CTC (Continuous Transaction Control), with B2B e-invoicing becoming a must-have for compliance.

Countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Romania are implementing mandates an it is anticipated that all EU countries will operate under the B2B e-invoicing standard by 2030.

Comply with country mandates

Axway eInvoicing provides embedded support for worldwide B2B and B2G invoicing initiatives such as PEPPOL, CTC in the EU, VAT reform in France with PPF and PDP deployments, and DBNA/BPC in the USA. Axway eInvoicing team participates in all major e-invoicing standards groups worldwide, so our global solution stays compliant with standards mandated today and on-to-it with those now emerging.

Stop vendor sprawl

Take a global approach to managing e-invoicing specifics, eliminating the headaches of managing buyer or supplier-based processes and dealing with tons of vendor portals. Streamline operations with a cloud-based solution, managed either by Axway or your own organization.

Reduce costs and risks

Replace slow and costly manual processes with a 100% digital solution and gain visibility and control over every invoice. Avoid penalties for noncompliance that can be imposed years after the original transaction.

Consolidate financial and operational processes

Leverage the Axway B2B Integration Platform to integrate e-invoicing financial processes with EDI/APIs, ERPs, and other operational flows. Replace multiple, siloed systems with a consistent platform experience.

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