Axway Managed Cloud Services benefits

Letting Axway manage, maintain, and monitor your cloud platform has its advantages.


We take all the complications out of handling your API management, B2B integration, and managed file transfer ecosystem, relieving your team from the burden so they can focus on other critical initiatives.

Reduced risk

Our solution makes it simple to outsource your partial or complete cloud management services and then bring them back in-house without disruption. You're always in control.


Avoid missed SLA penalties with a support architecture that reduces downtime to near zero.

Peace of mind

Axway provides an advanced security architecture that makes it simple to achieve security standards such as ITIL, SOC, ISO900, ISO27001, EU Directive 95/42/EC, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Faster results

Our flexible, elastic environment scales dynamically with your business, allowing you to achieve a secured cloud infrastructure that is optimized for high availability.

Managed Cloud Services Capabilities



Adjust, adapt, and optimize your operations as needed without hassle and in real time. Scale up and down easily based on your evolving organizational requirements.

Flexible deployment

Outsource your complete solution operations to Axway or have us manage the system platform while you maintain control and configuration.

Maximum availability

Ensure your enterprise mission-critical business processes are available when you need them with tiered, robust SLA option bundles.

Total control

Stay in control with a private, single-tenant managed cloud environment that allows you to select the deployment region while giving you the flexibility to choose the maintenance services you want.

Cloud security

Protect against the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and intrusions. You get detailed reporting and analysis so you can integrate your managed service into your existing security and governance program.

Faster move to the cloud

Accelerate your move to the cloud with an experienced team and complete portfolio of support services. We can help set a strategy, execute the move for you, or host and run all your operations.

Understanding managed cloud services


Managed cloud services allow your IT team to leverage an outside provider to maximize cloud management for your business. By leveraging their solutions, support, and expertise in enabling a single or multi-tenant cloud environment, you can achieve greater optimization, lower costs, and more effective security across your operations and infrastructure.

A managed cloud services provider (MCSP) is a third-party provider of cloud management services. Rather than handle cloud migration, maintenance, and management in-house, you can outsource specific tasks or use cases to an outside expert who has the experience and resources necessary to manage those aspects of your cloud deployment. You can even outsource your entire cloud platform management, allowing you to focus completely on your core business and strategic projects so you can achieve more value.

The cloud has never been more critical to the way organizations operate. However, managing a single cloud or multiple clouds requires time, expertise, and comprehensive resources that many IT departments lack. As a result, they often struggle to maintain and scale their cloud use effectively, leaving the organization at risk of wasting money on unused cloud capacity, wasting time waiting to provision new cloud resources, and exposing themselves to cyberattacks due to an under-protected attack surface.

An MSCP takes the hard work of cloud management off your hands by using their expertise, scale, and security capabilities to ensure you always have the right cloud for the right workload at the right time. A managed cloud service provider can manage your cloud-based infrastructure, applications, storage, networking, security, and more.

Managed cloud services help you overcome the complexity and cost of effectively managing and securing your cloud. By leveraging a provider’s cloud infrastructure, security expertise, and staff of cloud engineers, you can ensure that you effectively achieve your cloud vision. The benefits of managed cloud services include:

  • Improved security by leveraging the provider’s security investments and ability to keep current with the latest standards.
  • Increased visibility that allows you to anticipate risks to your SLAs and adjust accordingly.
  • Greater availability and scalability of cloud resources as your cloud requirements shift to meet the needs of users and your business.
  • Reduced costs thanks to the ability to outsource the technology and staff required to leverage cloud solutions effectively at scale, enabling you to pay only for the services you consume.


When choosing a managed cloud services provider, make sure you find a provider that can offer the following:

  • Scalability to meet the needs of your business as you require more or fewer cloud resources.
  • Flexibility to take on specific use cases or your entire cloud management, depending on your requirements.
  • Availability to ensure the SLAs you need to run mission-critical processes.
  • Security to protect your enterprise against the latest cloud-based security threats, vulnerabilities, and intrusions.


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