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Axway's heritage of MFT security, innovation, and resilience spans over half a century. It plays a vital role in the successful daily operations of enterprises across industries.

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Since 1983

an innovator of MFT technology

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Axway is committed to your security through its culture and processes. It offers an enterprise-grade MFT solution, SLAs of up to 99.99%, and follow-the-sun support. Our Axway MFT solutions are highly available on-site or in any cloud. Get peace of mind with an industry-standard solution for secure, reliable, and efficient file data integration.

Your partner for high-value file transfers and the benefits of the cloud

File transfer security and the cloud-readiness are immediate priorities for enterprises everywhere. Consolidate your MFT operations and switch to a more secure solution for high-value transfers at scale while adopting the cloud-based MFT products that help you save costs and meet SLAs.

High-value transfers

Security and compliance issues demand that all your file data is protected by a single trusted partner who can deliver. With Axway, you'll have full transparency and accountability for internal and external audits across your ecosystem and ensure compliance with mandatory regulations.

Take advantage of the cloud

Today, you have a clear way to avoid expensive, manual MFT operations that burden IT and slow down business. Let Axway help you rise to the mandate to move your MFT to the cloud so you can reduce costs and eliminate the complexity of security risk management while adding more resiliency.

Partners for excellence in the cloud


Axway uses AWS services to instantiate secure and scalable MFT solutions that provide fully managed services with compliance services for their customers.

Microsoft Azure

Axway products on Microsoft Azure provide a superior customer experience assured by the most reliable, secure enterprise-class solutions in a hybrid world.


Axway has relied on the availability of IBM z/OS since the beginning. We give the platform extended interoperability, monitoring capability, and the ability to process large volumes of accounting data for financial institutions.

Tap into all the MFT capabilities you need

Do everything, and do it more securely, with proven MFT gateway, controller, and MFT managed cloud services

Secure file exchange

Exchange files with your entire partner ecosystem securely with Axway file gateway technology

Internal file flow management

Secure all of your internal-files routing with point-to-point and endpoint-to-gateway file transfer technology

MFT cloud services

Gain full turnkey MFT capability by outsourcing operations to Axway managed cloud software, operations, and experts

Financial file data integration

Extend and adapt to your financial exchange requirements from a simple stand-alone system for any organization to a high-end cluster system for large retail banks

Secure end-points connectivity

Make file transfer easier to use and more consumable by a broader set of users to meet your SLAs

Empowering business experience

Make file transfer easier to use and more consumable by a broader set of users to meet new integration requirements with business application connectors

We manage your processes. You focus on business.

Take the complexity out of your managed file transfer by outsourcing all – or part – of your MFT operations to a team of dedicated experts. With Axway Cloud Services, you can choose from a range of Axway-managed services so you avoid the capital outlay and resources needed to build and manage a costly infrastructure yourself. Just pay a predictable subscription fee and you're ready to meet all your SLAs.

Leading brands are looking to Axway MFT

Discover how companies around the globe are securing their high-value file transfers and moving to the cloud to cut costs and future-enable their enterprise for business growth.


Daimler Truck

Harnessing Axway MFT to enhance its worldwide operations and achieve unparalleled agility, reliability, and security in B2B and B2C



Sending pay slips to employees and payment files to banks amounting to 20,000 transfers a day with a reliable and secure MFT platform

Total energies


Establishing a unified, standardized, and centralized solution to enhance scalability and mitigate risks using Axway MFT

Axway expertise. Your industry. Your solution.

Axway helps companies in all major industrial sectors leverage the IT infrastructure they already have to respond to disruption, open new markets, and create brilliant customer experiences. Our MFT solution, managed cloud services, and expert consultants are ready to help no matter what industry you're in.

Financial Services

Securing financial data is the highest priority for file sharing among banks and financial institutions. Axway MFT offers API-enabled file sharing that protects sensitive data while ensuring compliance with changing regulations around the globe.


Axway's API-first approach to MFT gives your healthcare organization the tools to manage and scale your operations and securely open channels to the healthcare ecosystem.

Life Science

Millions of dollars in pharmaceutical orders move through Axway solutions every day. Axway MFT empowers you to reduce risk and improve order flow for your operations while helping you solidify business relationships.

Managed File Transfer: What is MFT and how does it work?


Managed File Transfer is a secure, reliable technology for sharing critical business data. MFT software is designed to meet the compliance and performance requirements necessary to send and receive high-value, high-volume files such as money transfers, sensitive data containing personal information, or proprietary business files. Because you can manage all your critical data transfers across the enterprise from a single pane of glass, MFT gives you complete visibility and control into where data goes. MFT is more reliable, secure, and easier to manage than protocols like FTP or HTTP, making it the preferred solution for data transfer.

Managed File Transfer software simplifies data and file transfers by providing a centralized, self-service solution for managing, securing, and monitoring the exchange of large volumes of data. These exchanges can be made by both internal and external applications or users on an automatic or ad hoc basis.

Once an application or user initiates a data transfer, the MFT solution will encrypt the data to ensure it stays secure in motion and at rest. It may also compress the data to improve delivery speed. Once the data is prepared for delivery, it’s sent to the recipient using your chosen security protocols. The data transfer is completely managed and tracked through the MFT solution, making it simple to create audit trails that ensure regulatory compliance.

MFT software is useful for managing massive amounts of file transfers while ensuring data security. APIs make it simple to easily integrate file transfers into business applications for rapid innovation and delivery of new services. And because the entire MFT ecosystem can be centrally managed and controlled, you can easily monitor performance and correct issues before they impact your business or create missed SLAs.

Secure file transfers are at the core of every business. However, many file transfer protocols are inflexible, complicated, and provide limited ability to adapt to new digital business processes or partner data exchange use cases. In addition, they often require significant IT time and resources, restricting business agility. With a Managed File Transfer solution, you can meet the growing demand for secure management that can protect data exchange while ensuring you meet compliance requirements. The benefits of MFT include:

  • Improved security and governance with centralized control of the entire MFT ecosystem via a single administration console, ensuring service level agreements and PCI DSS compliance requirements are met
  • Self-service capabilities that empower business users to create file transfer services, subscribe partners, and manage file transfers
  • Centralized administration to reduce complexity and standardize all administration tasks for the entire MFT ecosystem
  • Operational intelligence and predictive analytics to prevent errors and ensure business quality
  • Integration capabilities that ensure IT and business user capabilities are easily integrated programmatically into third-party or custom applications
  • Ability to handle all file transfer use cases regardless of initiator, recipient, protocol, format, or schema
  • Flexible deployment models including on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud
  • Unlimited scalability that allows your organization to meet its current and future data transfer needs

New ways of working require organizations to evolve and modernize to meet changing business needs. As business data transfer requirements become larger, more frequent, and increasingly complex, it has the potential to create friction between IT and business users in terms of managing resources, creating integrations, and maintaining operational visibility.

Managed File Transfer is a requirement for any business or organization that regularly sends or receives massive data volumes that require a high level of security. MFT provides a single, highly scalable solution to meet all the file transfer needs of your organization, allowing you to significantly reduce your operating costs, gain complete visibility into your data transfers, and improve your ability to integrate data transfers into your other business systems or services.

How to choose an MFT solution

Not all MFT file transfer solutions are created equal. Many legacy MFT solutions are complex and complicated, which can require a large team of MFT experts to install, run, and maintain. This can increase your file transfer costs while reducing business agility as you wait for the MFT software integration team to create new file transfer flows for partners or customers. Here’s what to look for when choosing a modern MFT solution.

Self-service capabilities

Empower business users to create new services, subscribe partners, and manage file transfers without waiting for IT assistance

Centralized administration

Reduce complexity by managing all administration tasks across the entire MFT ecosystem from a single pane of glass

Operational intelligence

Ensure business quality and data transfer integrity through automated, predictive monitoring and alerts

Unlimited scalability

Grow with confidence as you add new services and requirements

Comprehensive integration capabilities

Leverage complete business-level REST APIs to integrate third-party or custom applications

All file transfer use cases

Support the data transfer needs of application-to-application, business-to-business, ad-hoc, and system-to-human for all protocols, formats, and schemas

Flexible deployment model

Choose the deployment model that fits your business, including on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud

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